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Learning to code:

I'm learning to code in order to become a front-end web developer. This is a website where I'm practicing and sharing my experience.

Starting with HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery, and Git.

As I'm self-learning these tools, I'm figuring out what I areas I need to concentrate on more and also areas that aren't as important as a newb. For instance, from taking the Treehouse Front-end Web Development track, I've found myself frustrated by how much time I'm spending on CSS in just memorizing selectors, attributes, and all the various properties. Most of them time I have to look up the names via Google because it's hard to recollect them all.

So I'm going to jot in here what my learning goals are each week.

April 4, 2014

Starting back at HTML in Treehouse to double-check that I understand everything that's happening on the website. I initially skipped this section because the videos felt so slow and basic. But since I'm facing some issues with this site, I think it's good to refresh and learn best practices.

I've already seen some issues in my CSS where I placed the container class around the wrong blocks of content. I also need to pay attention to parent elements and specificity.

April 2, 2014

Today, I worked on using git version control, moving around boxes of content on this site, trying out alignment, transparencies and more. Still need to figure out an issue with the "Resource" section. Trying to add a border to it.